CCS strategic planning team: 2010-11 [Note: The IEL merged with SCC in 2013.]

Christine Johnson, chancellor
Joe Dunlap, SCC president
Scott Morgan, IEL CEO
Pam Praeger, SFCC president (interim)

Board representative
Carol Landa-McVicker

AHE leadership
Carla Naccarato-Sinclair,

WFSE leadership
Marlene Cortez,
administrative assistant, SCC dean of technical education

SCC representatives
Amanda Hammond,
SAC programmer of comedy and concerts
Dennie Carlson, applied education instructor
Chris Kent, social science/humanities instructor
Tracy Struble, supervisor, Workforce and Career Services
Virginia Tomlinson, dean, arts and sciences

SFCC representatives
Alec Stannard,
AS president
Don Brunner, accounting instructor
Heather Keast, English instructor
Kari Collen, administrative assistant, dean of library and instructional support
Glen Cosby, dean, humanities and academic international initiatives

IEL reprensentatives
Trish Vernon, student
Michele Cook, ABE instructor
Shirley Vines, ABE instructor
Sarah Stiffler, Head Start family service coordinator
Amy Lopes Wasson, dean, Student Services
District representatives
Dick Hol,
district director, information systems
Reggie Eans, human services consultant

Facilities representatives
Dennis Dunham, district director, facilities
Roy Clements, facilities maintenance mechanic

Foundation representative
Tony Higley,
executive director, CCS Foundation

Athletics representative
Ken Burrus, district director, athletics, physical education and recreation

Support team
Candace Smallfoot, strategic plan project manager
Cheryl Churchill, executive assistant, district academic officer
Linda Graham, executive assistant, chancellor
Janet Gullickson, district academic officer (interim)
John Huffstutter, district director, Budget and Administrative Services
Mark Macias, district manager, institutional research
Melody Matthews, human resources information systems manager
Kathleen Roberson, executive assistant, business and finance
Greg Stevens, chief administration officer
Anne Tucker, public information officer

Information: CCS Chancellor's Office, (509) 434-5006