Spokane Falls Community College graduate Brad Bishop is a man of a thousand faces – mascot faces, that is. As Community Colleges of Spokane’s first “official” mascot Skitch, the SFCC student delighted audiences young and old with his energetic, whimsical performances at athletics events, special community appearances, and yes, even snowboarding at Mt. Spokane, Silver Mountain, Lookout Pass and Mt. Hood!
But Skitch isn’t Brad’s only alter ego; he took on the persona of a Certain Eagle when he transferred to Eastern Washington University in 2010, earning a scholarship for his efforts .  And although the psychology major graduated from EWU in 2012, it’s once an Eagle, always an Eagle -- he now coaches future Swoops and performs as several other mascots in the Spokane area. (The Code of Mascots does not allow us to disclose Brad’s current gigs.)
Following graduation from University High School, Brad first went into welding. College beckoned when the shop where he was working closed. SFCC was “a great place to explore,” he said. “It got me fixed on something I wanted to do – psychology. I took every psychology class the college had to offer.”  
He continued his studies – and mascoting -- at EWU, graduating with a 3.85 GPA and the goal of earning of master’s degree in applied behavioral analysis. He’s currently waiting to hear if he’s been accepted into an online program through the University of Cincinnati.
In the meantime, Brad’s actively involved in a photography business, InSpirit Studioz, and keeps a hand – or is that paw? – in the mascot business, both as a performer and consultant.
“Earning an Associate of Fuzzy Arts along with my transfer degree was one of my best moments at SFCC,” Brad concluded. “But I still miss taking Skitch snowboarding.”