From medical assisting to film making – SCC graduate Mikayla Daniels knows she made the right decision when the class, Humanities: Past, Present and Future, changed her life. The single mom of four returned to school at age 32 to pursue a career in health care as a medical assistant. “I liked college so much, I decided to get an associate of arts degree,” she said, and that’s when drama instructor Adam Sharp’s classes changed her life.
As part of the course, Sharp encouraged his class to try out for an upcoming theater production, “These Shining Lives.” Mikayla gave it a whirl and discovered she loved acting. “I always thought I would be nervous in front of so many people, but it turned out I really liked it,” she said. Her theatrical debut led to more acting opportunities and then to directing and choreographing several SCC productions.
But it was Sharp’s Movie Making Class where Mikayla discovered her passion – and made the decision to pursue film making instead of health care. She continued to explore film making with Sharp through a directed studies project where she directed a full-length documentary, “KaPow Chicks!” about the portrayal of women in comic books. And the skills she acquired working on these film projects helped land Mikayla a job as a Morning Show video editor at KHQ-TV where she works about 30 hours a week while going to school at Eastern Washington University. “Even though I need to get to the station around 2 a.m., KHQ is extremely flexible about my schedule when it comes to leaving to get the school. It’s really working out well,” she noted.
Mikayla says, “My family was a little surprised when I switched from medical assisting, but they now see it was the best decision for me” as she successfully completes her junior year in EWU’S highly regarded -- and competitive -- film program
“Going to back to college as an adult is hard, but you have to remember you’re not doing it for yourself. It’s important for your family,” Mikayla concludes.