Important dates: Summer quarter 2014*
*Calendar dates are subject to change.
April 18 Financial aid priority date for Summer and Fall Quarter students. Students who submit documents after this date may be awarded on a funds-availble basis. The Financial Aid Office cannot guarantee that awards will be available by the tuition due date.
April 30 CCS faculty: Summer Quarter course material orders due to college stores.
May 5  Summer Quarter parking passes available.
May 12  Current student registration begins for SUMMER and FALL QUARTERS.
May 15  CCS faculty: Fall Quarter course material orders due to college stores.
May 19 New student registration begins for SUMMER and FALL QUARTERS. Students new to college or CCS, may need to attend a New Student Orientation before registering.

New Student Orientation begins.
May 26  Holiday. Campuses closed.
June 5 TUITION PAYMENT DUE FOR SUMMER QUARTER REGISTRATION. Students who register after June 6, tuition payment is due by 4:30 p.m. the following business day. 

No TIPP available Summer Quarter.
 June 9  No class registration available, online or in-person, on this day only.

Admission deadline for Summer Quarter.
June 10 Admission application deadline for Summer Quarter.
June 18 Summer Quarter course materials available to purchase in the college store or on its website. 
June 18-20 College store Spring Quarter book buy-back. 
July 1 SUMMER QUARTER CLASSES BEGIN. Last day to register, in person or online, without instructor's signature. 
July 2-7  Instructor's Signature to Add a Class (ISAC) is required even if space is available. Submit an online ISAC form by logging in to myBigfoot student portal. Look for ISAC in your Personalized Tools, click link and follow the prompts to request instructor permission to ADD classes. 
July 4 (Friday)  Holiday. Campuses closed.
July 7 Last day to add a class.

Last day to receive 100% refund for reducing credits or withdrawing from SUMMER QUARTER.

Financial aid cnsus day.
July 8-14 50% refund period for reducing credits or withdrawing from SUMMER QUARTER.

To ADD a class: Instructor AND Vice President of Instruction approval is required (late start or continuous enrollment classes may be added with instructor signature until the first day of class.) 
July 14 Last day to drop classes to prevent "W" being posted on transcript. 
July 15-28  Dropping classes will post "W" on transcript.
July 28 Last day to drop a class or wiithdraw from SUMMER QUARTER.

Last day for "W" grade. 
Aug. 4-14 College store Summer Quarter book buy-back.
Aug. 14  Last day of SUMMER QUARTER classes.
Aug. 19 Grades available online. 
Sept. 1 Holiday. Campuses closed. 
Sept. 2  Admissions application deadline for Fall Quarter. 
Sept. 15 Fall Quarter tuition due.
Sept. 15 Last day to enroll for Tuition Installment Payment Plan by 4:30 p.m.
Sept. 22 FALL QUARTER CLASSES BEGIN. Last day to register, online or in-person, without instructor's signature.