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“Praise should be used sparingly and where used, should be task-specific.” (Crooks 1988: p 469)

Why ALE? 

Faculty spend many hours, and colleges have spent many dollars, on the assessment of student learning outcomes. Outcomes assessment is an important process, but it can leave faculty wondering: 
  • "What could I have done differently?" 
  • "When and where does student learning improve in my classroom?" 
  • "How can I get students more engaged in, and responsible for, their learning?"

Assessment for Learning and Engagement (ALE) is designed to help answer these questions. Research shows that classroom feedback (also known as formative assessment) can improve student achievement and motivation, as well as teaching (Crooks, 1998; Black & Wiliam, 1998; (see the Resources/Links page for more information).

What can ALE offer me? 
We are an SCC/SFCC faculty community of practice that works together to improve our teaching repertoire. We believe formative assessment can improve our students' learning and engagement, as well as our teaching. Our goal is to provide faculty with tools that will help them decide what is working in their classroom and what is not. 

Lou B. Dunham, Spokane Community College 
Heather Keast, Spokane Falls Community College