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STIP History

STIP began in 2010 as a data collaborative funded by a three-year grant from College Spark Washington. STIP also received a one-year grant from Washington STEM to begin collecting baseline data on Washington high school students as they transition into STEM careers. During these pilot years, STIP partners were required to submit their student-level data directly to STIP. A complex and sometimes time-consuming process was then required to ensure that data could be aggregated across all partner schools. Despite these challenges, STIP was successful in proving that the concept of data collaboration could be effective.

STIP Today and Tomorrow
A new and improved process for data collection and aggregation has opened up exciting possibilities for STIP going forward. In July of 2015, STIP entered into a new agreement with the Education Research & Development Center (ERDC) which enables us to obtain student-level data directly from ERDC. With permission of our network partners, we will be able to download student-level data, analyze it across the STIP network, and provide specialized reports to help our network partners develop, implement, and evaluate effective interventions to support student success.

Going forward we hope to partner with additional school districts and colleges and universities in eastern and central Washington. In addition, as the new ERDC P-20 data system becomes available to educational researchers, we plan to capitalize on this rich data source to engage in more sophisticated analyses of the more complicated issues facing students transitions from K-12 to college and beyond.