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SFCC Alumni, Friends
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Online Fitness Training and Nutritional Coaching

Cindy Bourgoin is a CCS Alum and is proud to offer this online physical fitness discount (BELOW) on selected personal training and nutritional coaching sessions for CCS alumni. Cindy is a Spokane Falls Community College graduate, official fitness trainer, certified spinning instructor and a licensed nutritional specialist, Cindy is also an Alumni Member so be sure to take advantage of her generous offer. 

Contact Cindy today at 509-994-6593. Reference that you're a CCS alum and get started with a healthy you!

Services include;
 Skype (or Facetime) Online Training:
Weekly exercise programs
Nutrition/diet plans
Menu planning
Grocery planning

Alumni Discount:
"Receive an additional 15 minutes of either personal fitness training or nutrition coaching per session paid online for Skype services (30 or 60 minutes sessions).
Please call Cindy at 509-994-6593 for further explanation of discount, 

Visit Cindy Bourgoin's Website Today!


"I am passionate about helping my clients achieve optimal health, and believe that when the body is given the best nutrients and appropriate exercise, we can have a life of vim and vigor, able to do the things we want!  I recognize that each person is unique and different with regards to age, gender, and physical limitations, among others.  I enjoy the challenge of finding the exercise prescription that best fits each individual given their unique circumstances.  I know that quality nutrition is essential to achieving our best, and I teach lifestyle habits that support an active lifestyle.  I motivate my clients to succeed in their personal goals.

I am the trainer/nutrition specialist who will be in your corner leading you, encouraging you, and holding you accountable for what you tell me you want.  I look forward to helping you."

Cindy Bourgoin
Certified Personal Trainer, CPT-NSCA
AASDN Nutrition Specialist
Certified Spinning Instructor
Health/ Fitness Technician