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Spinning soccer ballCommunity Colleges of Spokane Alumni Association has teamed up with Valley Youth Soccer League in the Spokane Valley and Spokane Junio Soccer to offer you a great deal on registration fees for the Summer and Fall 2012 season. As a member, you can register your child (ages 4 and up) for the Summer and Fall season for half price.

Visit Valley Youth Soccer League website today for schedules and more information.

Contact or email for special discount form

Tim Barlos
Program Director
9116 E Sprague Ave #138
Spokane Valley, WA  99206
(509) 924-7661

Bouncing soccer ballWHO WE ARE
VYSL is a recreational soccer league for youth (ages 4 to 18) in the Spokane Valley and nearby communities. Our league is run by dedicated VOLUNTEERS. VYSL is a true "NON-PROFIT" organization. We have NO "paid staff" or "paid coaches". Our focus is totally on the needs of the children and providing a fun, enjoyable, and AFFORDABLE sport for them. A better soccer program... more soccer and less cost.

Compare us and see how we are different from the others:
More soccer, less money! Our cost is about HALF that of other programs in the area. How do we do it? We use VOLUNTEERS to handle administrative duties and we have the support of local businesses to help keep cost down. We are the ONLY local soccer organization in the Spokane area to operate this way. Other local soccer groups are staffed by PAID office, PAID administrative staff, and PAID field maintenance. They also pay fees to state and national organizations, adding additional administrative costs. We don't believe your kids need or benefit by paying more.

We offer MORE games and MORE playing time for your child than any other program. This is of major importance because the "secret" to becoming better at playing any sport (and especially soccer) is playing time. Every major soccer organization says "the game is the best teacher". PLAYING is how you learn.

We offer programs with flexibility to meet your child's needs. Rather than follow rigid, inflexible rules... we do what is best for your child and the whole program.
Examples include allowing inexperienced players to play at their level rather than forcing age rules. We also allow teams to continue year to year.

We have experienced and nationally certified coaches that VOLUNTEER
their time to help train your child's coach because they ENJOY soccer and working with kids. We have FREE training clinics to help our coaches expand their knowledge. Help us by getting involved as a coach, volunteer, or team sponsor!