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SFCC Alumni, Friends
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2012-2013 Foundation Donors

Memorials and Tributes
(Received between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013)

* Deceased
  Consecutive 10+ Year Donor


In memory of Doug Anderson

Jeff Tetrick

In memory of Charlotte Campbell

Brad Campbell

Maggie Fager

Ruthie Harshman


In memory of Mary A Crouse

Karl & Susan Sifferman

In memory of Chef Ray Delfino

ACF Chef de Cuisine of Inland NW

Inland Northwest Health Services

In memory of Richard England

Gary England

In memory of George Hanke

Deral and Carol Adams

Ken Dahlager

Karen Neubauer

Rick & Kristine Parducci


In memory of Jacqueline Hanke

Andrea Holmen

Margaret A. Presley

In memory of Spencer Haugh

Beverly Lacy Dean
In memory of Cindy Higley
Deral and Carol Adams
Isaac and Debra Andrews
James Armor
Laurie Arnold
Banner Bank
Beverly S. Barber
Marco and Renee Begovich
George and Barbara Bonuccelli
Bernadette Brown
Robert C. Bull
Mary M. Carr
Donald J. Colistro
John and Sally Compton
Michael & Vicki Craigen
Gary & Darlene Davies
Kelly & Sheryl Davis
Deer Park Ladies Golf Club
William and Judi Degnan
Peter and Susan Dianich
Ron & Barb Douglas
Darleen Fitzgerald
Dean and Elizabeth Grafos
Dr. Janet Gullickson
George and Beverly Heathcote
Eileen M. Hendon
Roger and Carol Hildebrandt
Geraldine B. Hobbs
John Holleran
SMSGT Franklin E. Hume
Inland Northwest Health Services
Robert and Sharon Jayne
Christine Johnson
Patricia Kautz
Jeff and Marlee Kavadias
Jeannette Kellar
Lt. Col. Robert H. Kellar
Kiemle & Hagood Company
Kermit and Patricia Kilcup
Harriet La Combe
Carol Landa-McVicker
Gary Livingston
M T Management
Matthew and Margaret McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. H.K. McIntosh
Kenneth Myers
Chuck and Jacqui Naccarato
Terry Dee Neal
Esther B. Nelson
Staci & Keith Nelson
Dan and Lynn Olson
Joseph and Joan Olson
John and Kathleen Olsufka
Dr. S. James Perez
Paul & Bridget Piper
John J. Preston
Duane and Deanna Ranniger
Donald Ressa
Coy and Anita Riggs
Donald D. Robins
Lowell Ruen
Dennis & Patricia Ryan
Anthony Sciascia
Dick and D. Scott
Deborah L. Spellecy
John and Marillyn Staeheli
Richard & Nancy Stanley
Susan A. Stannard
William and Kim Storms
Edward & Linda Tabish
Pam Tajima Praeger
Frank Tombari
Bert and Betty Vanderwall
Jen and Levi Westra
Doug and Judy Wiley
Larmond and Sharon Windhorst

In memory of Ken Hinton
Leslie & Carolyn Stephens 
In memory of Alvina E. Howe
Steven Buth
Carol Landa-McVicker
Gary Livingstonw
Linda McDermott
Susan A. Stannard

In memory of James Keeling
Linda Nihoul
Buddie & Betty Jo Cook

In memory of Amanda Livingston
Gary Livingston

In Memory of Corey Lux
Tom & Judy Lux
In memory of Mickey McCormick
Diane Quincy

In memory of Harry Merrick

Deral & Carol Adams

Merlyn Anderberg

Kialynn Glubrecht
Dr. Laurel Hansen

Overholser Living Trust

Mary Spangenberg

Jene Ueberroth

 In memory of Ev Moore

Kathleen Silvas

In memory of J. Nau

Pam Tajima Praeger
 In memory of C.V. Payne

Land Surveyors' Assn. of WA
 In memory of Tara Praeger Sims

Ched and Janice Evans & Family

Renato Halili and Sandra Tomoyasu Halili

Catherine Scott

Sherry and Arnold Sims

Leslie & Carolyn Stephens

Greg & Tina Stevens

Janet & Duane Swinton

Pam Tajima Praeger w

Calvin & Marie Tajima

Elaine Tajima

Faye Tomoyasu

Bruce and Terry Watanabe
 In memory of Mary Ann Sanger

Pat Freeman

Judy Hall

Virginia E. Koehler

Carol Landa-McVicker w

Gary Livingston w

Staci & Keith Nelson

Paul & Bridget Piper

Catherine Scott

Janet & Duane Swinton

In memory of George Sly

Robert V. Rees

In memory of Walt Spangenberg

Barbara Milner

Kenneth Norikane

In memory of Lloyd Stannard
Bruce Stannard

Janet Kuntz 
In memory of Richard Stannard

Janet Kuntz

In memory of J.W. Steele

Everett and Viola Martin

In memory of Virginia White

Tori Allison-Reiber


Charlotte A. Campbell*

Lucille Davis

Alice Flerchinger

Pat Freeman

Kenna Legault

Loeb Family Foundation Inc.

Katherine Murray

Karen Neubauer

Colleen G. White

Mary Ann Wilson

In memory of Adrian Williams

Deral and Carol Adams


Pam Austin w

Ed and Judy Foster

Jane Gong and Lijun Bai

Tom & Cathy Hopkins

Craig & Linda Rickett

Leslie & Carolyn Stephens

Janet & Duane Swinton


In honor of Mary Carr

Ben& Sloane Winkes


In honor of Dr. Linda Harrison

Kimberly Harrison & Brent Kietzke


In honor of Melanie C. Johnson

Polly Donald

Frank and Jennifer Kornbaum

Mary C. Selecky

Marilyn & Bill Thordarson

Christine Wilson

In honor of Calvin & Marie Tajima
Pam Tajima Praegerw


In honor of Pam Tajima Praeger’s Retirement

Brad & Chrissy Desormeau

Judy Hall

Tom & Cathy Hopkins

Jeff and Heidi Ilenstine
Fred & Pamela Kahl
Heather Keast
Carol Landa-McVicker
Mary Ann Lund Goodwin
Linda McDermott
Brenda Nelson
Staci & Keith Nelson

Judy Noel
Greg & Susan Plummer

Ras & Nancy Rasmussen

Dennis & Patricia Ryan
Dennis & Sharon Smith

Calvin & Marie Tajima

Reverend Wendy S. Tajima


The foundation strives to maintain a complete and accurate listing of donors. If we inadvertently have omitted, misspelled or improperly reported your name, please notify the foundation office at or call (509) 434-5123.
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