Open Scholarships

While the majority of Foundation Scholarships are awarded in Fall
based on applications that were completed in the previous Spring,
there are a handful of scholarships which are open throughout the
year. Visit our scholarship portal here to view current opportunities.

Foundation Scholarships

The CCS Foundation oversees more than 200 scholarship funds. These
scholarships cover everything from bus passes to full tuition. For
additional information on each scholarship, including selection criteria
and award values, please view our scholarship brochure.


Scholarship Recipients

Supporting students is at the core of everything that the CCS Foundation
does. We are proud to have awarded more than $4 million in scholarships
to over 12,000 students throughout the last 10 years. Watch some recipients
speak about their experiences here.


Scholarship Resources

While the Foundation works provides all CCS specific scholarships,
there are many other scholarship opportunities available to students.
These scholarships sites provide information on additional scholarships
which are offered by local and national organizations for which you can
apply.You might be surprised what funds are available to you - all you
have to do is look!


Join us as we celebrate the recipients of the
2015-2016 CCS Foundation Scholarships
and the generous donors who provide
much-needed scholarship support.

Thursday, October 22
3:00pm in the SCC Lair (Building 6)
1810 N. Greene Street, Spokane WA

Please RSVP by October 12
to Jesse Zumbro 509-434-5128


To make a gift to a scholarship fund or to learn more about CCS Foundation scholarships, please contact Jesse Zumbro at (509) 434-5128 or