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For Students Who Wish to Apply for a Scholarship

Printer Friendly Instructions

DO NOT READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS unless you really want a scholarship. These instructions are provided to HELP YOU OBTAIN A SCHOLARSHIP. We have two stacks of applications: CONSIDER and DO NOT CONSIDER. Guess which pile your application will be in if you do not read and follow the instructions?


The CCS Foundation Scholarship Application is due by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, March 17, 2014. Do not wait until the last minute to apply as you may need time to research information or obtain documentation. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. If there are required documents or information that you are ABSOLUTLEY unable to provide, please contact the scholarship manager or 434-5128.


1.     Submit your application early; this will help you stand out from the hundreds of students who apply the last few days before the deadline.



o    DO NOT TEXT OR COMPLETE YOUR APPLICATION from your phone or tablet. It’s very obvious and these applications usually end up in the “Do Not Consider” stack due to poor spelling, grammar, punctuation, and short essay answers (your answers look much longer on a cell phone than they really are and are generally considered insufficient.)


o    Do not use all caps or all lower case.  The word “I” is a capital letter.

o    Be complete and thorough with your answers to the two essay questions. One or two sentence answers will more than likely result in not receiving a scholarship.

o    Last year we received 1,100 applications for about 200 scholarships. Your job (if you choose to accept it) is to convince the award committee and sometimes, the donors themselves why YOU are a good investment for privately donated dollars and why you should be chosen over hundreds of other applicants. The more information you provide, the better the chances are that you will receive a scholarship.

§  What are your special circumstances?

§  How/why did you choose the field you are entering?

§  What is your passion for this field?

§  What prompted you to attend college?

o    Do not use cutesy or potentially offensive email addresses. Use a professional email address as you would for a job application.  If your email address changes, you need to notify us or you may not receive important notifications about scholarship awards.

o    If you use an acronym, such as CCS, be sure to explain that CCS means Community Colleges of Spokane, or that AGC means the Association of General Contractors, etc.

o    Do not list “Undecided” as a Program of Study if you have a long-term goal of achieving a specific goal, such as becoming a dentist for example.  This could eliminate you from all scholarships related to health care fields.


3.     We have initiated a new scholarship process platform through Academic Works. You will need to:

o    SIGN UP (gray button at top right) to create an account.

o    You will receive a confirmation email to activate your account. If you do not receive it within a few minutes, be sure to check your “Junk Mail” folder and move it to your “Inbox.”

o    Confirm your account as instructed in the email and begin completing your application.

o    You will have the ability to save your work and return to update it at a later time. At this point, your application is considered to be in Draft stage.

o    When you are absolutely certain you have completed your application to your satisfaction, be sure to click Finish and Continue. We receive many applications that remain in Draft mode past the deadline and do not qualify. You can return to your application at any time before March 17th to update it, check for new scholarships, and check to see if your references have submitted letters for you.


4.     Only one application is required for you to be considered for the majority of the CCS Foundation scholarships for which you qualify. Once you have completed your application, click “Recommended” under Opportunities in the upper left corner of the page. 

You will then be prompted to apply for SPECIFIC scholarships you qualify for which require additional information from you. There are other scholarships you will be considered for which do not require additional information. These will not show on this screen and no additional action is required by you for these.


5.     Previous scholarship applicants and/or recipients must reapply each year.


6.     Generally, applicants must be U.S. citizens, legal immigrants, or permanent residents and must be able to provide proof of status if requested. There are very few scholarships for which international or students in other categories qualify. International students should check with the ESL instructors or the International Education Office for available foundation scholarships.


7.     Even if you don't think you qualify for federal financial aid, you should apply regardless. Many students who are not deemed eligible for state or federal aid may still be eligible for the foundation’s need-based scholarships. Your financial aid information is provided to us by the financial aid office. If you do not complete the FAFSA, we do not have a way to determine your need status. We couple this with the information you provide in your essay answers to determine your individual circumstances.


8.     Some scholarships require you to upload additional documentation. You will need to scan the required attachments to a thumb drive, flash drive or directly to your computer so that you can upload the documents to your Academic Works application packet if prompted to do so. Scanners are available in the libraries at SCC and SFCC, in the foundation office, and are available for a fee at Office Depot and FedEx/Kinko’s. Your local school or library may have a scanner. If you are ABSOLUTELY not able to access a scanner, please contact the Scholarship Manager at or at 434-5128 (email contact preferred).


9.     Letters of recommendation are required for only a few select scholarships. They are preferred to be from instructors or employers. Letters from leaders in a service organization, your church, or someone who knows you well are a second choice. Letters from family members are not permitted. You will need email addresses for anyone you wish to have submit a letter for you. We will send the individual(s) an email request to submit a letter for you. We also suggest that you contact your reference and give him/her a heads up so they can watch for the email. You will not be notified regarding the status of your recommendation request(s) so continue to check your Academic Works account frequently to see if your recommendation letters have been submitted under Applications/Opportunities/References and follow up if necessary.  You may request that the person(s) be contacted again, or provide email addresses for others from whom you would like to request a letter of reference.


10.  All correspondence is done via email.  Please add and to your Safe Senders List so scholarship communications do not end up in your Junk Mail folder. Scholarship recipients will be notified (usually) by the end of July. Non-recipients will be notified by the third week of July. Please do not contact the office prior to that date to see if you have received a scholarship.


11.  If you receive a scholarship, it is your responsibility to check with the financial aid office at your campus to see if the scholarship will have any impact on other aid you are expected to receive.


12.  If you receive a scholarship, it is a REQUIREMENT that you write a formal, handwritten thank you card to your donor(s) or your scholarship will not be activated. Information will be included in award notification. The donor(s) richly deserve a thank you for the money they have donated to help you continue your education.


AFTER you have carefully read all of the above, please contact the Scholarship Manager for other questions or concerns at or at (509) 434-5128.

 Click here to start your application.