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Instructions:  How to Apply for a Scholarship

Please read these instructions and tips, then click the Apply Now button at the bottom to sign on to the online Academic Works system.

The CCS Foundation online scholarship applications through the Academic Works website are due by March 15, 2015. Late applications will not be accepted.

  1. When signing in to Academic Works, please use your permanent email, as this is the email through which you will receive all award notifications.
  2. The Apply Now button takes you to the sign up page for new users; if you are a returning user, click the blue Sign In button to sign in.
  3. The online General Application will automatically match you with many of the available foundation scholarships that you are eligible for.
  4. For any recommended scholarships that appear, you will need to apply to these separately. Read the criteria carefully, as you may not be eligible for all of the recommended scholarships.
  5. Most of the recommended scholarships only ask 1-3 short Y/N questions; some ask for more in-depth information.
  6. You need to reapply each year for scholarships, even if you received one last year.

Tips for Writing Good Applications

  1. Pay attention to the essay questions at the end of the general application, and if there are any additional essay questions in the recommended scholarships.  Reviewers are interested in why you are a good investment for privately contributed dollars.
  2. The essay questions let you talk about your educational plans and goals, your involvement in the community (either in the Spokane area or another community where you have lived), challenges you have overcome and what you learned from them, and some sense of your financial need and any special circumstances that may affect it.
  3. Take time to think about these questions and complete them well, to the best of your ability. Check for spelling errors. Think about your life so far, what you’ve learned, and what your goals are. Even if you don’t receive a scholarship, thinking about these questions will help you later on, as you look for work or submit other applications.

AFTER you have carefully read all of the above, please contact the Scholarship Manager for other questions or concerns at or at (509) 434-5128.

Click here to start your application.