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SFCC Alumni, Friends
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Spokane Community College program support funds

Spokane Community College signAccounting and Economic Literature

Classroom support for accounting and economic courses via magazines, newspapers, text books, etc. Instructional support including books, board games, and other needs of instructors.

Program support (i.e., equipment, instructional support) for automotive program.

Auto Machinist

Program support (i.e., equipment, instructional support) for automotive machinist program.

Automotive Collision and Refinishing
Program support for automotive collision and refinishing program.

Aviation Maintenance
Program support for aviation maintenance program on an as-needed basis.

Avista Center for Entrepreneurship

Expenses related to Integrated Business & Entrepreneurship program.

Reagents, supplies and minor equipment items for biotechnology program.

Cardiovascular Technician
Helps support projects, equipment and travel requirements within cardiovascular programs.

To purchase equipment and supplies for building projects.

Center for Humanities
Program support for SCC Library/Learning Resources Center.

Chris Hart Disability Awareness League

Program support for Disability Awareness League

Cisco Networking Academy

Program support for Cisco Networking Academy

Culinary Arts
Program support and scholarships for culinary arts department.

DEC Program Support

Student and advisors’ professional development fund.


Dental Assisting
Program support for dental assisting program.

Electrical Maintenance
Program support for electrical maintenance program.

Financial Services/Teller Training
To purchase curriculum texts and booklets for students enrolled in the financial services/teller training program.

Fluid Power Training Center
To provide funds for supplies, equipment and general operation of the pneumatics/hydraulics department.

Geology Lecture Series
To pay expenses related to bringing various speakers to the Geology Lectures Series.

Grant Writer
To hire professional grant writers.

Health and Environmental Science
Program support for health & environmental science programs.

Health Information Technology

Program support for Health Information Technology program.

Health Science
Program support and equipment for health science programs.

Program support for horticulture department and horticulture club.

For purchase of equipment and/or tools for HVAC/R department.

Dr. Ferdinand L. Knechtel Memorial (Nursing)
Equipment, supplies and other items needed for program by instructors of first and second year RN program.

Dr. Ferdinand & Dorothy Knechtel (Health Science)
Program support funds for allied health and nursing department.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Expenses related to manufacturing workshop and general program support.

McGregor Ag Tech
To promote the agricultural technology program.

Medical Imaging Core Curriculum

Expenses related to the Medical Imaging Core Curriculum Program.

MGE Equipment

Funds divided among the three campuses as determined by CCS Foundation Board of Directors at the end of each year for purchase of equipment.

Orlando's Remodeling
Program support for remodeling of Orlando’s Restaurant for culinary arts department.

Pharmacy Technician
Program support for pharmacy technician program.

Respiratory Care
To support respiratory care student education.

Program support and scholarships for automotive program.

VCT Marketing

Marketing and advertising for promotion of Vision Care Technology



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