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SCC Alumni, Friends
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SFCC Alumni, Friends
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On-Campus Bigfoot Bonuses

 Bigfoot steps

Special thanks to our on-campus partners for offering these benefits to our members.

Access to our colleges’ library services

SFCC – Building 2
3410 W Fort George Wright Dr
(509) 533-3800


SCC – Building 16
1810 N. Greene Street
(509) 533-7045


Access to our colleges’ career planning and placement services

SFCC – Building 17
3410 W Fort George Wright Dr
(509) 533-3540


SCC - Building 6
1810 N. Greene Street
(509) 533-8009


Bigfoot Booster Club
$150 annual membership fee includes use of SCC and SFCC fitness centers and weight rooms, and two season passes to all athletic events. 

SFCC – Building 7
3410 W Fort George Wright Dr
(509) 533-3630


SCC – Building 5
1810 N. Greene Street
(509) 533-7230


CCS Athletic Discount
½ price admission to all CCS athletic events. 

CCS Bookstores

15% Discount on all regular priced logo merchandise

3410 W Fort George Wright Dr
Building 17 (Student Union Building)


1810 N. Greene Street
Building 6 (Student Lair)


Annual, semi-annual and quarterly college publications and newsletters


Plus the satisfaction of knowing you are permanently and forever connected with one of the state’s finest community college system - Community Colleges of Spokane.

 Click here to join today!

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