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SFCC Alumni, Friends
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Endowment Funds

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Spokane Branch AAUW Scholarship Endowment
Chip Abrams Memorial Scholarship Endowment
AGC Civil Engineering Endowment
A. Nanny Mouse Endowment
Erik Anderson Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Avista Corporation Endowment
Robert V. Baker Scholarship Endowment
Lee & Gertie Banks Scholarship Endowment
Wally Scroggie Memorial Endowment Fund
Hector Boiardi Endowment
Center for Humanities Endowment/SCC
Red Lions Hotels Corporation Endowment
Chef Ray Delfino Memorial Scholarship Endowment
L.M. Dickson Endowment
Gary Douvia Scholarship Endowment Fund
Drama Scholarship Endowment/SFCC
Eikrem Endowment Fund
Electronics Endowment
Emerging Needs Endowment
Glenn E. Emmons Endowment
STCU and CCS Foundation Exceptional Faculty Endowment
Saling Award for Excellence Endowment
Fluid Power Endowment
Fostering Excellence Scholarship Endowment
Garco Construction Endowment
Hagan Student's Book Endowment
Mark & Lori Hall Endowment
Ray & Lois Hanson Endowment
Music Endowment - SFCC
Dr Linda Sator Harrison MD Excellence in Education Endowment
Spencer Haugh Memorial Endowment
Melanie Johnson Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Walter S. Johnson Endowment
Kaiser Manufacturing & Technology Endowment
Diane J. Keller Celebration of Life Endowment
Kendall Scholarship Endowment
Kendall Property Endowment
Spokane Kiwanis Charities Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Ferdinand & Dorothy Knechtel Endowment
Charmaine Kolb ESL Endowment
Kowitz Endowment for Sustainability in Food & Farming
Jo Krogh Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Paul Lydig Endowment Fund
Matching Gifts Endowment
Jennifer McLaughlin Endowment
F.W. McMulkin Endowment
Naomi Murphy Scholarship Endowment
J. Nau Endowment
Don Olson Endowment
Helen Owen Endowment
C.V. Payne Endowment
Jean Payne Endowment
Pence Health Science Endowment
Dave Rapp Memorial Vocational Scholarship Endowment
Rotaract Club of Spokane Endowment
St Lukes Nurs Alum Assn Endow
Don Schmick Scholarship Endowment
Selinger Change Point Bridge Scholarship Endowment
SFCC Legacy Endowment
Collin J. Smith Leadership Award Endowment
Max Snyder Endowment
Walter J. Spangenberg Academic Scholarship Endowment
Richard and Susan Stannard Endowment
Stevenson Family Endowment Fund
Richard H. Stevenson Scholarship Endowment
The Swanson Family Endowment
Embanet/John Thompson Endowment
Opal & Patrick Thompson Endowment
Lou and Margaret Thrailkill Endowment
Touch The Future Endowment
Alma Treede Endowment
Washington Restaurant Association Endowment Fund
Welty Endowment for Systemic Development
Dale Wilson Endowment
The Wire Harp Literature Live! Endowment
Jeanne Abrams Wood Scholarship Endowment
George Sly Memorial -SVFD Scholarship Endowment
Maxine Riches CRT
Loyd & Caroline Rummer Trust
Dennis & Leeanne Stallings CRT


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