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SCC Alumni, Friends
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SFCC Alumni, Friends
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Institute for Extended Learning
Program Support Funds


IEL Lodge

Adult Bowl for Literacy

Revenue and expenses for the Bowl for Literacy event. Proceeds transferred to Basic Skills Scholarship at conclusion of the event.

Colville Equipment
To purchase equipment for the Colville Center.

Colville Rendezvous Theater
Program support for the Colville Rendezvous Theater.

Program support for HeadStart/ECEAP programs.

IEL Staff Development
Program support for IEL staff development and training.

Life Skills
Program support in the form of workshop registrations, honorariums, books, supplies etc. to participants in IEL life skills programs.

Life Skills /Displaced Homemakers
Training and development of displaced homemaker staff and program participants.

Life Skills /Project Self Sufficiency
Student support services for Project Self Sufficiency participants.

Life Skills /Women's Conference
To receive and expend funds in conjunction with the Women’s Celebration Conference.

Life Skills /Women Helping Women
Daycare and transportation scholarships for low income women served by life skills/women’s programs.

Magnuson Building

Support the remodel, renovation and improvement of Magnuson Building.


PACE Special Olympics Fund

Uniforms, equipment and other incidentals related to Special Olympics.


Read-Right Families that Work

Purchase books & materials

TECC Call Center
Program support for TECC Call Center.

US West Job Creation Fund
Job creation through recruitment, expansion and retention of businesses in Spokane County.


Idaho Web Design Tools