Information technology
High-demand jobs, generous salaries.

Information technology (IT) cluster description
Information technology professionals keep America’s computers running, develop computer programs, set up web pages and help make important decisions about technology investments.  Information technology professionals are in high demand across the country and salaries can be generous.

Necessary skills 
Information technology careers demand a good understanding of science and math.  Written and verbal communication skills are important, as is an astute attention for detail.

Educational path 
At SFCC and SCC, most programs prepare students for challenging careers in just two years and, in some cases one year.  Most programs include both classroom learning and hands-on experience.  Many careers have licensing requirements, which sometimes require postgraduation internships.  Be sure to work with a counselor to develop your personalized educational

Contact information
Spokane Community College
Counseling Center: 509.533.7026
Admissions Office: 509.533.8020

Spokane Falls Community College
Counseling Center: 509.533.3525
New Student Entry Center: 509.533.3401

Information technology programs
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Computer and network support (SFCC only)
Computer forensics/network security
(SFCC only)

Computer science pre-major (SFCC only)
Information technology (SFCC only)
Network design and administration (SCC only)
Office software specialist (SCC only)
Software development (SCC only)