Human services
Care for the special needs of families and individuals

Cluster description
Human services professionals work to care for the special needs of families and individuals. Career areas include a broad array of fields, including education, mental health and counseling services, family and community services and consumer and personal care services.

Necessary skills 
Human service professionals must enjoy working with people.  Interpersonal communications skills and empathy are important, as are problem solving and critical thinking.

Educational path
At SFCC and SCC, most programs prepare students for challenging careers in just two year, and in some cases one year.  Most programs include both classroom learning and hands-on experience.  Many careers have licensing requirements, which sometimes require post-graduation internships.  Be sure to work with a counselor to develop your personalized educational plan.

Contact information
Spokane Community College
Counseling Center: 509.533.7026
Admissions Office: 509.533.8020

Spokane Falls Community College
Counseling Center: 509.533.3525
New Student Entry Center: 509.533.3401

Human services programs
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Addiction studies (SFCC only)
Cosmetology (SCC only)        
Esthetician (SCC only)
Gerontology paraprofessional (SFCC only)
Hearing instrument specialist (SFCC only)
Interpreter training program (SFCC only)
Occupational therapy assistant (SFCC only)
Psychology pre-major
Social services (SFCC only)
Sociology pre-major