Make stuff

Cluster description
Manufacturing professionals transform materials into the final things we all need to survive.  Manufacturing careers vary widely – not just because many different kinds of things need to be transformed, but also because manufacturing relies on production planners, quality control, logistics professionals and engineers.

Necessary skills

Most manufacturing careers require advanced technical skills, attention to detail and computer and communications skills.  Some careers are physically demanding while others require advanced technical skills or advanced degrees.


Educational path 
SFCC and SCC offer two-year associate degrees in most areas.  After graduation, students are ready for entry-level positions in their field.  Some programs are designed to transfer to four-year institutions, while others offer shorter certificate programs.  Be sure to work with a counselor to develop your personalized educational plan.

Contact information
Spokane Community College
Counseling Center: 509.533.7026
Admissions Office: 509.533.8020

Manufacturing programs
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Aerospace composite technician
Biomedical equipment technician
Electrical maintenance and automation
Electronics engineering technician
Hydraulic and pneumatic automation
Machinist/CNC technology
Rural aerospace training
Welding and fabrication