Marketing, sales and services
Sell stuff

Cluster description
Marketing and sales programs prepare students to help organizations communicate with the general public, advertise products and take care of customers.  The Internet and globalization are changing commerce, so marketing and sales  remain an ever-changing field.

Necessary skills
Most of these careers require excellent communication skills – both written and spoken – and strong people skills.  Many positions demand creativity and the ability to work as part of a team. 

Educational path
SFCC and SCC offer two-year associate degreesl.  Some programs offer one-year certificate programs.  Students can transfer to four-year schools in marketing or business management.  Be sure to work with a counselor to develop your personalized educational plan.

 Contact information
Spokane Community College
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Spokane Falls Community College

Counseling Center: 509.533.3525
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Marketing, sales and service programs
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Business management (SFCC only)
Retail management (SFCC only)
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