Law, public safety, corrections and security
Keeping us safe.

Cluster description
These careers provide vital public service by keeping America safe.  Career areas include: Law enforcement, emergency services, security services, corrections and legal services.  Many careers are in high demand across the country.

Necessary skills  

These careers demand good communications skills, patience, empathy and a felony-free criminal record.  Some careers also require a high level of physical fitness.  Legal professions require excellent attention to detail.

Educational path  
SFCC and SCC offer two-year associate's degrees in most areas.  After graduation, some students are ready for entry-level positions in their field.  Some programs are designed to transfer to four-year institutions, while others offer shorter certificate programs.  Be sure to work with a counselor to develop your personalized educational plan.

Contact information 
Spokane Community College
Counseling Center: 509.533.7026
Admissions Office: 509.533.8020

Spokane Falls Community College
Counseling Center: 509.533.3525
New Student Entry Center: 509.533.3401

Law, public safety, corrections and security programs
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Corrections (SCC only)
Criminal justice (SCC only)
Fire officer (SCC only)
Fire science technology (SCC only)
Law pre-major
Legal administration (SCC only)
Legal administrative assistant (SCC only)
Legal nurse (SCC only)
Legal office software specialist (SCC only)
Legal receptionist (SCC only)
Paralegal (SCC only)
Telecommunications officer (SCC only)