Science, technology, engineering and math
Technology rules

Cluster description
These programs prepare students for the high-tech world of science, math and engineering.  These professionals carry out scientific research, technical and laboratory studies, create solutions to environmental problems and help business and industry overcome engineering challenges.

Necessary skills 
Most careers require excellent science and math skills, and a sharp attention to detail.  Increasingly, the fields require excellent written and verbal communications skills as well as technical and computer skills.

Educational path 
SFCC and SCC offer two-year associate degrees in most areas.  Most programs are designed to transfer to four-year universities.  Students end their studies with a bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree.  Be sure to work with a counselor to develop your personalized educational plan.

Check out the CCS Catalog for detailed information about your program, typical student schedules, class descriptions and more.  Be sure to work with a counselor to develop your personalized educational plan.

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Science, technology, engineering and math programs
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Anthropology pre-major
Biological science pre-major
Chemistry pre-major
Civil engineering technology
Earth science pre-major
Education pre-major: associate in mathematics education
Engineering pre-major
  - Bioengineering and chemical pre-engineering
  - Computer and electrical pre-engineering
  - mechanical/civil/aeronautical/industrial pre-engineering
Geography pre-major
Geology pre-major
Mathematics pre-major
Oceanography pre-major
Physics pre-major