How much does it cost?
Running Start classes may be tuition free up to 15 credits, saving thousands of tuition dollars. Due to recent changes in legislation, you may owe tuition. You are allowed a maximum of 15 credits tuition-free based on your combined high school and college class load. Mandatory fees are the responsibility of Running Start students and their families. These fees may be waived for income-eligible students.

Complete the new Enrollment Verification Form with your high school counselor to see how many tuition-free college credits you are allowed. Credits above the allowable amount result in tuition charges. College classes below 100 level also will result in tuition charges. Tuition charges are in addition to lab and course fees that Running Start students already pay.
Questions? Contact your high school counselor or your college Running Start counselor for details, or e-mail
Running Start legislation FAQs

Students are responsible for the following costs:
Registration fee
College placement testing
Technology fee 
$4/credit, not to exceed $40/quarter
Comprehensive fee
Other lab and course fees are based on courses taken
For a list of these fees go to the CCS iCatalog, then click Paying for College. RS Fees & Waivers.
Mandatory fees will be waived for income-eligible Running Start students who provide documentation showing they are or have been eligible for free or reduced lunch any time in the last five years. 
It is the student's responsibility to provide his/her college with a verification of eligibility letter 
Student-voted Bus Pass Fee $22/quarter
Books varies