How do I sign up for Running Start?

Because Running Start awards both college and HS credit simultaneously, you must complete both high school and college requirements.

1. Notify your public high school counselor of your interest in Running and complete a CCS Application for Admission, selecting Running Start under "Admit Type."

2. Obtain an official copy of your high school transcript and send it, along with your application to the college of your choice.

3. Students are eligible if...

  • They are registered in a Washington public school district. Private and home school students must register, but not necessarily attend, at the public school in the district where you live.
  • They are in 11th or 12th grade at the beginning of the school year (September).
  • They meet eligibility by one of the following:
    • Cumulative high school GPA of 3.0
    • ACT score of 19 or above (average of English and reading scores)
    • SAT score of 530 or above (average of English and reading scores)
    • Smarter Balance score of 3 or 4
    • (Submit official transcript and/or scores to the SCC/SFCC Testing Center. There is a  fee.)
    • A writing test will be given for those who do not meet eligibility by one of the above options. (Schedule a placement test with the SCC/SFCC Testing Center. There is a fee.)

4. Fill out a Running Start Enrollment Verification form with your high school counselor to see how many tuition-free college credits you are allowed.

5. Give your Enrollment Vertification Form to your college Running Start counselor.

6. Meet with your college Running Start counselor, then register for classes.

7. Purchase your books and course materials at the college bookstore or online before school starts.


SCC:  509-533-8154 or e-mail
     SCC Colville Center:  509-685-2120 or e-mail
     SCC Inchelium Center:  509-722-3702 or e-mail
     SCC Ione Center:  509-422-4290 or e-mail
     SCC Newport Center:  509-447-3835 or e-mail
     SCC Republic Center: 509-775-3675 or e-mail

SFCC: 509-533-3524 or e-mail
     SFCC Pullman Campus:  509-332-2706 or e-mail