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What if I have more questions about CTE Dual Credit?
Why should I take CTE Dual Credit classes?

What kind of jobs could CTE Dual Credit lead to?
How do I earn college credits through CTE Dual Credit?
How will my credits apply to a program of study?
What classes are available at my high school?
How do I get my college transcript?
Will I have to repeat courses when I get to college?

What is CTE Dual Credit (formerly called Tech Prep)?
CTE Dual Credit is a program in your high school where you may earn high school and college credit at the same time. It is part of a nationwide effort to help high school students identify careers that interest them so they can start building career skills in high school.  Credits earned in your CTE Dual Credit class can be applied toward a certificate or associate degree from any Washington State community or technical college.
Why should I take CTE Dual Credit classes?

Save time and money. Save time by completing college credit while in high school. Save money by getting that credit for free.  Also, you can get a jump start on your education, learn the skills you need for the career you want and save money in the process.

Who's eligible for CTE Dual Credit?

If a student's high school offers Tech Prep classes, he or she is eligible! But remember,students must meet college competencies and get a "B" grade or better in each Tech Prep class to earn college credits! Some courses may require a portfolio or industry certification in addition to a "B" grade. 

TP prepares you for hundreds of jobs.  Here’s a few  with median yearly salary and degree: Physical therapist assistant ($38,800, associate in applied science); phlebotomist ($24,000, certificate); medical transcriptionist ($29,000, certificate); welder ($39,000, certificate); CNC machinist ($44,000, associate in applied science); and mechanical engineering technician ($55,000, associate in applied science). 
High school students earn TP credits by fulfilling course requirements, registering for TP, meeting college competencies and earning a "B" grade or better in the class.

How will my credits apply to a program of study?

Which SCC or SFCC college programs include your articulated class? Search our degrees on the college website and filter by course number. Get the information you need to develop your program of study!

Where do I take CTE Dual Credit classes?

TP courses are taught in local high schools by qualified high school instructors. High school and college instructors work together to design technical high school courses to meet the entry-level course requirements of comparable college courses.
What classes are available at my high school?

To check the availability of classes at your school click

How do I register?

            1.       Register for classes online
2.      Print a copy of the SERS registration confirmation for your records. You will need this to add credit to your transcript when you come to the college.
3.       Earn a “B” or better and meet college competencies in each CTE Dual Credit class.
How much does CTE Dual Credit cost?

CTE Dual Credit is free.  You pay nothing to apply, nothing to take the class and nothing to earn the credit.  What are you waiting for?
Check our college websites: SCC or SFCC
No. Students who complete high school CTE Dual Credit classes earn credit at SCC and SFCC, and the classes don’t have to be repeated.  If you're enrolling at another community or technical college in Washington, you'll want to check its transfer policies.
Call our CTE Dual Credit Office at 509.434.5244.  Also, talk to your high school teacher.