I’m already registered for Running Start classes. What do I do?  All students taking Running Start classes must have their schedules re-evaluated. Use the CCS Runnning Start Enrollment Verification Form to show you meet Running Start eligibility and determine whether your combined Running Start college-high school schedule is above or below the state-funded limit.

How has Running Start changed for students?  In the past, Running Start students could take tuition-free college level classes at SCC, SFCC and at off-campus centers. Since fall 2011, however, Running Start students who take more than 15 credits are charged tuition for those extra credits. In most cases, students who take 15 credits or less can still attend Running Start tuition-free.

Running Start students must complete a Running Start Enrollment Verification Form each quarter, and must submit a new Enrollment Verification Form if they add or drop classes at the high school. The form is available from your high school counselor. Your high school counselor determines how many tuition free college credits you are allowed by the state based on the combined high school and college classes you are taking.

Why is Running Start being changed?  The Washington State Legislature decided to limit the combined high school and college credits the state will fund for Running Start students. The new law went into effect July 1, 2011.
What if I’m enrolled in a vocational program or at a Skills Center? Running Start students enrolled in college vocational programs or at a Skills Center may qualify to exceed the 15 credit enrollment without incurring tuition charges. Check with your high school counselor/advisor.

What should I do if I have too many credits?  You have a couple of options. One, you can drop the extra college or high school classes or choose to pay the additional tuition and fees. Your college counselor can help you add and drop college classes and figure out how much tuition you would pay for the extra credits.
Or you can use the Running Start Enrollment Verification Form for parental approval to go over the state-funded credit limit and pay tuition.

Why do I need to fill out a CCS Enrollment Verification Form?  This form has information about the number of college credits you want to take through Running Start and the number of high school credits you are earning at the same time. Your high school counselor uses this information each quarter to determine whether you have gone over the maximum free number of credits allowed by the state.
If you have too many credits – generally more than 15 -- you will be charged tuition for them by the college you attend as a Running Start student.

Where do I get an Enrollment Verification Form?  The form is available at your high school Counseling Office.