Drug and alcohol

Drug and alcohol use including underage drinking/drug use is prohibited by CCS. CCS complies with the Drug Free Workplace and Drug Free School and Communities Act. Offenders may be referred to community-based organizations that provide education and treatment. Local law enforcement authorities may also be contacted as appropriate. These policies are outlined in detail in Board Policy 2.30.03 - Drug Free Workplace and implementing Administrative Procedures 2.30.03-A and B, and WAC 132Q-30-228 - Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia and WAC 132Q-30-230 - Alcohol.
For students, a violation of any law regarding alcohol/drug use is also a violation of the College’s Student Code of Conduct and will be treated as a separate disciplinary matter by the College. For employees, a violation is subject to the disciplinary processes outlined in applicable collective bargaining agreements and/or policy.
CCS has developed a program to prevent the illicit use of drugs and the abuse of alcohol by students and employees. Employees have access to a CCS-provided Employee Assistance Program, with trained specialists available to assist both employees and family members. A list of resources available to students is maintained by the Student Services Office and is posted online under A Student's Right to Know.    In addition, dissemination of informational materials, educational programs and services, and disciplinary actions occurs annually.
The CCS Human Resources Office provides overall coordination of the Drug Free Workplace Act. The college Student Services Office provides overall coordination of the Drug-Free School Program.