Criminal actions can be reported to the Office of Campus Safety in person, by telephone, e-mail and/or via the internal Security Incident Report. In an emergency, call 911. Secondarily, on-campus emergency assistance is available by calling the Office of Campus Safety at 533-3333.
CCS reports data for crimes on campus and at off-campus locations and adjacent public property where for-credit classes are offered. For crimes that occur on adjacent public property, CCS partners with our local law enforcement partners to assist in providing the data. These are collated with the internal reports and summarized by category. Warning reports or security alerts to the college community regarding crimes that have occurred are issued via e-mail, text alert and other appropriate channels on a timely basis.
Faculty and staff assigned responsibility as a Campus Security Authority are identified and trained annually. When they receive information about criminal activity they will direct it to campus security on a timely basis. Anyone else receiving information about criminal activity are encouraged to report it on a voluntary, confidential (but not anonymous) basis.
The following officials are authorized to accept and process reports of criminal offenses.
SCC director of security
Main Building 1, MS 2010
SFCC director of security
SUB, Bldg. 17, MS 3174
SCC VP of Student Services
Lair-Student Center, Bldg. 6, MS 2061
SFCC VP of Student Services
Falls Gateway, Bldg. 30, MS 3010