Teresa Gay Teresa Gay, Manager of Immigration & Student Success
Primary Designated School Officer (PDSO)

SFCC Telephone: 509-533-4131
SFCC Office: Building 17, Room 107

SCC Telephone: 509-533-8201
SCC Office: Building 15, Room 114

When Teresa Gay started working at CCS part-time, little did she know that she would, 20 years later, be an institution in the international office. For years, students have been calling her “Mom,” reflective the personal attention and care she has for the students. The long-time coordinator of the Homestay program, she now is the Manager of Immigration and Student Success, where she coordinates the International Peer Mentors program.

She has been married to her husband for over 40 years, and has five children and a host of beautiful grandchildren (she’ll show you pictures on her phone if you ask), and she spoils them all (and us, too!) with delicious baked goods. 

But if she seems quiet and safely maternal, there is another side of Teresa you should know about: 1)  She has traveled to Greece, to Turkey, and to the jungles of Zimbabwe and Zambia, where 2) she ate nshima with dried termites and kapenti fish cooked in a gasoline drum over a charcoal fire (“Yum,” she says), 3)  she once saw the Beatles in concert in Seattle, and 4) rumor is she plays a pretty cut-throat Settlers of Catan.  





Trina Allen, SCC Marketer Trina Allen, Global Education Recruiter

Telephone: (509) 533-8659
Office: SCC, Building 15, Room 114

Some say that Trina Allen looks more than a little like Audrey Hepburn, which totally makes sense, since she, too, had something of a Roman holiday. She lived in Italy for several years, studying and modeling (!!) and experiencing the world. If Italy is first in her heart, then France isn’t too far behind (she can parli italiano and parle-vous français). In addition to Italy and Washington State (obviously), Trina has lived in Texas and Alaska, which is, like, two MORE different countries. Perhaps it was in Italy, or perhaps Texas, but somewhere along the way, she learned to yodel. Seriously.

She is married to a real-life train conductor, and if you have an outdoor cat, don’t let it wander too near their home, or you may not see it again; they take in strays as if kittens were currency. Her compassion for animals once led to her scamper after a goose to prevent it from getting hit. When she’s not chasing water fowl, Trina is the International Recruiter for Europe, Africa and Asia, but that hasn’t ridden her of the travel-bug: she says her dream vacation is a fancy stay in Morocco “on the high dollar,” but truth is, she’s just as happy with a simple omelet with homemade bread and wine in a cozy French countryside inn.

Katherine Thompson, Recruiter Katherine Thompson, Global Education Recruiter

Telephone: 509-533-3122
Office:  SFCC, Building 17, Room 106

While Katie Thompson is mostly from Spokane, she’s lived all over, including Minnesota, Spain and Panama. Her time in Panama, where she worked as a Community Development Advisor for the Peace Corps, was particularly fruitful, since there she met her future husband. She also learned her Spanish there, and even a little Ngäbere (the language of the indigenous Ngäbe people in Panama). She has two fine children, Alexzander and Ayanna.  

In our office, she is the Recruiter for the Americas, but she’s been lots of things in her life: tour guide at Glacier National Park, Radiology Assistant, gardener at Finch Arboretum, translator, and Veterinarian Tech Assistant. As far as hobbies go, she’s as happy to binge on Netflix as she is to skydive, to quietly do yoga as to host lively parties:  suffice to say, she is capable of wearing many hats, which we fully exploit in the office. That might explain why she is usually the one to turn out the lights in the office at the end of the day.  

Larry Brunt, Administrative Assistant Larry Brunt, Marketing Coordinator

Telephone: 509-533-4113
Office: SFCC, Building 17, Room 107

Larry has taken a stage combat class. He swings a mean sword. That’s just worth pointing out at the onset in case you have a disagreement with him, though generally he’s fairly agreeable. Our Coordinator of Global Marketing, Larry comes to us with experience in teaching English and in photography. He lived in Spain for several years, which he toured thoroughly, and also managed to visit France, Italy, London and Amsterdam. He also managed not to learn any Spanish except to ask for his favorite bread at the corner bakery. He is probably most appreciated in the office for Photoshopping out the wrinkles and tired eyes of his over-worked colleagues in staff photos. He is an avid reader of non-fiction (fiction, he says derisively, “is all made-up.”), especially books on baseball.  

He has a son, about whom he’ll talk endlessly, and with whom he goes on baseball trips every summer, visiting different stadiums around the United States. He lists traveling and collecting baseball cards as his favorite hobbies. Do you see a baseball theme here? He also shouts “Mike Trout!” as a kind of positive exclamation to mean “awesome!” He is a misplaced Angels fan here in Mariners’ country, but we like him anyway (and even if we didn’t, we’d pretend to, on account of the sword fighting and all).

Julie Hands, Homestay Coordinator Julie Hands, Homestay Coordinator

SCC Telephone: 509-533-8671
SCC Office: Building 15, Room 114

The saying, “You can take the farm girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the farm girl” may very well have been first applied to Julie. She grew up in the farming town of Spangle, Washington, where her first job was bucking hay bales (a task that would kill most of her current co-workers).  She did, in fact, leave the country, spending a year in Sweden as an exchange student, where she traveled to Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany and Russia. But even far from home, in the snowy, arctic region of Lapland, her farming skills were evident: her favorite memory from there is of herding reindeer.

She continues to herd to this day: she has her own farm now, where she herds chickens, goats, bunnies, cats, dogs, and three teenaged sons (including twins!). She can give them orders in English, Swedish, and Spanish (she won’t say who responds better to commands, her dogs or sons). Other evidence of the farm girl:  her favorite music is “anything with a banjo.” Her favorite hobby is to ride horses. Her favorite advice is to eat a bug every morning (then nothing worse will happen for the rest of the day). She says, with only a little irony, the Miss Piggy is the epitome of glamour.  

In the Global Ed office, we make the most of her herding skills; as the Homestay Coordinator, she shepherds students to families with great pastoral care and kindness. But don’t let her easy smile and kindness fool you: farmers are hearty folk, and she’ll gladly whoop you at a “friendly” game of ping pong (she’d just smile while doing it).