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Have you thought of studying abroad?  Are you wondering what you might get out of the experience? 

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to experience a different culture, not just as a tourist on the way through, but as part of the community.  You will aquire new perspectives on global issues, gain an increased awareness of other cultures, and see the world in more complex ways.  It will even give you insights into your own culture and heritage.

Studying abroad offers you the chance to rapidly improve your foreign language skills by immersion in another culture.  Being surrounded by native speakers of a foreign language helps your retention and fluency, and gives you the opportunity to learn colloquial words and phrases.

Studying abroad provides an opportunity for personal growth.  You will find yourself becoming more independent, more conifident, and more mature.  You might find that you are more open to change, and to ambiguity.  You may find yourself pushing your limits, and growing in unexpected ways, becoming more "you" than you were before.  

Studying abroad is fun.  You get to see new places, visit significant monument, try new foods, participate in a different way of life, and make friends from around the world.  

So are you thinking of studying abroad?  Don't just thing about it.  Do it.

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For more information, you can Trina Allen, the CCS Study Abroad Coordinator. 

Trina Allen
SCC Student Services Building room 114, Bldg. 15 

Phone: 509-533-8659