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Agents and School Representatives

Welcome to the Global Education section of the website designed especially for educational agents and school representatives.

Educational agents and school representatives provide a valuable service to students who are interested in studying in the United States.  You are valuable to us because it is your work and effort that helps students and their parents with issues that may be difficult for them to understand, especially when English is not their native language.

This section of the website explains what it means to be an agent for Community Colleges of Spokane (CCS).  It will tell you of our agency agreements, how to become an agent, frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to agency relations, materials request form, staff contact information, photo galleries, partner benefits, and more.

If you decide that you want to represent CCS, contact:
Dan Ferguson
Manager/Global Marketing, Recruiting, and Retention
Community Colleges of Spokane
1810 N. Greene Street
MS 2151
Spokane, WA 99207
(509) 533-8885
Email: dan.ferguson@ccs.spokane.edu