Commission Payments

Eligibility Requirements as an Agent for Community Colleges of Spokane (CCS)

Educational agencies that are official representatives for CCS in specific regions of the world are eligible to receive quarterly commission payments in the following amounts for each student, provided all the conditions as a CCS agent are met:
3 quarters of Intensive English Language Program registration--$900 per quarter
3 quarters--$400 per quarter


  1. The agency and its counselors assist the student in completing the CCS International Student Admission Application and the CCS Homestay Application (if applicable).
  2. The agency and its counselors provide indication of connection between the agency and the student on the applications sent to CCS.
  3. The agency and its counselors provide pre-departure support services to the student and his/her parents.  This includes assistance with visa application, housing arrangements (whether homestay or local apartment living), buying airline tickets to Spokane International Airport (GEG), and airport pick-up, but can vary according to the terms of the agent-student contract.
  4. The student registers, is enrolled as a student for the full quarter, and pays the international student tuition rate found here, as well as required fees at CCS. 
  5. That the agency and its counselors not require the student and his/her family to pay additional fees to the agency for services rendered directly by CCS.
Be sure to read the CCS Agency Agreement in its entirety before signing the contract as the previous points are a brief synopsis of our terms.

Payment Procedures

  1. CCS collects tuition from each student based on the number of credits (if an academic student) and the full registration payments of each IELP student (if in the IELP program) at the beginning of each quarter.  Academic students may increase or decrease the number of credits they are taking up to the beginning of the third week of the quarter.
  2. The Global Education Office at CCS begins to process commission payments after the 4th week of the current quarter.  Commission payments are only processed with a previously submitted invoice from the agency sent to us by email.  If we do not receive an invoice, no payments will be made for that quarter.
  3. At approximately the 9th week of the current quarter, the CCS Purchasing office will send an email notification to the agency, noting all commission payments that will be made to the agency for that quarter.  Notification includes the name(s) of the student(s) and the amount of commission to be paid.
  4. Payments are made either by check (if agency is in the US) or by wire (if agency is located outside the US) based on the banking information provided by the agency in the CCS Agency Agreement.  Agencies can expect to receive their commission payment approximately 10 weeks from the beginning of the current academic quarter.
  5. Commissions are paid every quarter (for up to 3 quarters of IELP and up to 3 quarters of academic programs), after the student registers, pays tuition and fees, and the time for refunds has passed (after the 4th week of the current quarter).
  6. If a student possesses the required language proficiency (e.g.,TOEFL Score), only 3 quarters of academic program commission will be possible (if the student stays for 3 quarters). 
Note:  All commission payments are made in US dollars and any changes in currency exchange will not affect the amount of payment.

Annual bonuses for CCS's agent partners are possible.  Check the CCS Agency Agreement for details.