Partnering with CCS

Community Colleges of Spokane partners with diverse groups of international educational agencies and educational institutions around the world.

Academic Excellence At Two Great Campuses 

  • CCS has two 2+2 AA transfer programs on our campuses that allow students to transfer to great 4-year schools, both within Washington State and around the United States. CCS has transfer agreements with several universities in Washington. Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, and California (to name a few).
  • American Honors, a new, competitive 2-year honors program at CCS. Its curriculum is designed to prepare students for junior and senior-level coursework at the best colleges and universities in Washington, and the United States.
  • Intensive 4-level Academic English Program with a highly-educated and dedicated faculty (all faculty have at least a Master's degree and years of teaching experience).
  • CCS has over 100 great Professional/Technical Programs that can be completed in 1-2 years.

Great Living Environment For Your Students
  • Great location in a city known for its friendliness, it's international focus, and it's concern about the environment
  • City environment that is still small enough to feel safe and yet have many attractions (e.g., malls, night-life, concerts, outdoor activities)
  • High-tech and education-oriented
  • Homestays personally selected for your students from a staff and host families that care
  • Dormitory-style apartments for student use only available within 15-25 minutes of both our campuses via a reliable bus system  

International Student Services 

  • A fully staffed, helpful, and friendly Global Education Office staff, including immigration officers, a homestay manager, a homestay coordinator, and admissions officer. We take personal interest in the success of each of our 300+ international students. All of our staff have lived, worked, and traveled abroad and have many years of experience working with international students
  • Housing options such as an excellent supervised homestay program and dormitory-style apartments with attention to safety and comfort
  • International Student Orientations that provide informative and fun information about SFCC, SCC, Spokane, the United States, and Washington
Partner Services
  • Best Rates: CCS's support payments lead the industry
  • Regular Updates: We will keep you informed of changes and updates on a regular basis.
  • Great Website: We are consistently updating our website with new information
  • Fast I-20 Return: CCS will Fedex your student's I-20s within 3-5 business days after we receive all required application materials
  • Professional Attention: We will respond to your questions and requests within 1 business day
  • Partner-Focused Marketing Campaigns: Our marketer will visit your office upon request and frequent visits to our Partners are what helps us succeed
  • Contracts: Our desire to work with you is based on your excellent reputation. If you are interested in previewing our contract, please contact Dan Ferguson, for further information
Current and Future Partners

Every year, over 18,000 American students and 300 international students choose Community Colleges of Spokane.  We are dedicated to helping our students succeed in reaching their goals.  Their success and satisfaction is our number 1 goal!