What To Pack And Bring

There are many things we'd like to bring when we go and live someplace new.  Keep in mind that there are things we want to take, things we need to take, and things that are not permitted when you enter at a port of entry.

What to bring

Clothing: Both Summer and Winter clothing.  Include items such as shorts, tee-shirts, jacket (windbreaker), coat, gloves, hats, raingear, and swimsuits.  You can buy many clothing items when you get here so keep that in mind when you pack your suitcases.

Shoes:  Bring both tennis shoes (sneakers), casual dress shoes, and sandals.  We have great places around Spokane and the Pacific Northwest to go hiking, so you may also want to bring boots.

Money:  Bring a combination of cash, traveler's checks, and credit cards (Visa or Mastercard preferred).  Make sure you can pay for the initial costs of getting around Spokane, your first quarter's tuition, and at least the first month's expenses (about $4,000).  However, never carry around a large amount of cash!

Medicine, Eyeglasses and/or Contact Lenses:  Bring all of your prescription medicines, along with extra pairs of glasses.  Bring also a copy of your medical, dental, and immunization records.

Personal Items:  Pictures of where your live, as well as pictures of your family and friends, small gifts (for your host family), traditional clothing (for cultural events on campus), maps, computer, music, and any items that represent you or your culture.  

Food:  US Customs and Border Protection lists the foods that are and are not permitted here.


Most airlines only allow one piece of luggage and one personal item to carry on.  Two check-in pieces of luggage are sometimes allowed.  Do check with the airline you are flying on to make sure before you leave.

Put in your carry bag, but do not pack the following items in your checked luggage:
  • Evidence of financial resources such as bank statements, credit card information, etc.
  • Evidence of your student status, such as recent receipts, transcript records, your letter of acceptance, or class schedule.
  • Passport and other official items.