College Transfer

Community Colleges of Spokane has developed two great transfer pathways. Each pathway was developed to help students transfer to top-quality universities in Washington, Oregon and the rest of the United States.

1. Our AA-DTA 2+2 transfer program is designed for students who want to transfer to universities throughout the United States.  We have 2+2 transfer agreements with a number of universities in Washington and Oregon where a student can complete the first two years of college and transfer almost seamlessly to a four-year school.

2. Our American Honors Program (AH) is especially designed for those students who are high achievers.  Admission is highly competitive, with acceptance rates comparable with selective universities.

Students benefit from small class sizes and have access to excellent faculty and personal advising.  Students earn an associate's degree with honors and have the opportunity to transfer to a top-tier university to complete their bachelor's degree.

Brochures for the AH program are available in five different languages: