CCS has transfer agreements with all public and most private universities in Washington. A transfer agreement means that if you take the right courses, your credits will transfer to a four-year institution. Transfer agreements include general degrees like associate of arts (AA), associate of science transfer (AST) and more specific Direct Transfer Agreements (DTA) in specific subject areas.

Will my credits transfer?

Your future college ultimately decides to accept your credits. However, virtually all Washington colleges and universities accept our credits as well as many out-of-state institutions. 

When can I apply as a transfer student?

Washington universities consider you a transfer student after you have completed 40 quarter hours.

Should I finish my degree?

In most cases, it is best to complete an associate’s degree before transferring because it ensures all your credits transfer to all public schools, and most private schools, in Washington. However, some students choose to transfer before graduation. Make sure to contact the institution to which you will transfer early so you can determine the most efficient transfer plan for you!

Who can I talk to about transferring?

Work with your counselor! He or she has up-to-date information and can provide you with personalized and confidential advice.

SCC Counseling Center: 509.533.7026
SFCC Counseling Center: 509.533.3525

IEL counseling: 509.279.6000 (Ask for a referral to the appropriate center)