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Community Colleges of Spokane knows what an important role you play in guiding your students through their high school years and the next steps after graduation.

We can help.
CCS offers something for all your students:
  • High school students can participate in either Tech Prep classes at your school, or Running Start at SCC, SFCC or an IEL education center.
  • Graduating seniors can continue their education and career training at one of our institutions.
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Graduating seniors
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Want to know how your high school’s students fare after they leave your school? Check out our New Student Data Tracking Study!
What is Running Start?

Running Start allows eligible high school juniors and seniors to take tuition-free college-level classes at SCC, SFCC or an IEL education center. These students can earn college credit AND high school credit simultaneously. Running Start students can attend college full or part time.

Running Start gives students who possess good study skills, self-discipline and motivation a wonderful opportunity to seek greater academic challenges through a wide variety of classes at SCC, SFCC or an IEL education center. 

It also provides a great alternative to students who find that the traditional high school experience is not meeting their needs. 

After two years in Running Start, your students can graduate with both their high school diploma AND their associate of arts degree!

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What is Tech Prep?

Tech Prep introduces students to high-demand, high-tech career fields while still in high school, allowing them to earn both high school and college credits simultaneously.

In addition to developing strong analytical, problem-solving and team working skills, Tech Prep students also gain valuable technical skills enhancing their future employability in a fast-changing, challenging labor market. 

Tech Prep firmly places students on a path toward postsecondary education, closely aligning their academic choices in high school with those they will have in college and beyond. Students see the connection between the classes they are taking today and the career they envision in the future.

As rising costs put postsecondary education out of reach for many students, Tech Prep saves students and their families thousands of dollars in college tuition.

And finally, Tech Prep supports workforce and economic development in Eastern Washington, taking the first step toward preparing students for jobs in health care, advanced manufacturing, technology and many other high-demand, high-wage fields.

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Graduating seniors

Community Colleges of Spokane is a great place for your students to continue their education and career training!

CCS provides your students with an affordable, accessible and quality education for both students who want to transfer to a four-year institution and those interested in entering a career-technical field.

  • Transfer degrees satisfy all general education requirements, vary by major and are accepted by all public universities in Washington.
  • University articulations are programs of study that transfer to specific universities.