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Jan excels in phlebotomy

Jan was a medical assistant for 10 years but left to raise her four children. When she wanted to return years later, she discovered much had changed. She would need more education to continue in the medical field. The time and money it would take to be retrained made her dream seem out of reach. “I worked many jobs since then, but my love was still linked to the medical field,” she said.

After seven years in insurance, she was laid off when her office downsized. While looking at the WorkSource Spokane website, she saw information about the phlebotomy program, which interested her. She spoke with staff from the college and things moved very quickly. “I went through an intense 10-week course and graduated in November,” she said. “It was an excellent program and the training was top notch. I would highly recommend worker retraining to anyone wanting to increase their skills or learn something new. My experience was positive and rewarding.”

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