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Course Expectations

All enrolled students will be required to participate in a criminal background check, drug screening, and are required to obtain a two-step Tuberculosis (TB) test.  Positive results will require a chest x-ray stating no active TB.

The 10-week phlebotomy program is extremely demanding and requires a serious commitment on the part of participants. A strict attendance policy is enforced and participants must commit to being present and on time for all classroom and clinical site work.

Professionalism is expected during all classroom and clinical site activities. A written evaluation is completed by each clinical site and may be reviewed by the student when delivered to the instructor. Evaluations are shared with potential employers who call for personal references on job applicants. 

Each assignment, quiz or exam must have a minimum score of 70 percent to pass. A score of less than 70 percent for any portion of the class may result in a failing score. 

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