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CompTIA Network+ Certificate

CompTIA Network+
This course provides the basic knowledge needed to plan, install, maintain, and troubleshoot modern networks in a vendor-neutral format; this includes physical network components and technologies, logical structures, common protocols, and network security.
Earning your Network+ certification will help you advance toward a rewarding IT career as a network field technician, help desk technician, network support specialist, network administrator, or network analyst.
Note: You will receive an exam voucher for the Network+ exam (N10-007) at the end of the class so that you may take the exam at a later date.  Additional virtual lab access is also included.
The class book meets CompTIA’s strict quality standards receive the CompTIA Approved Quality Content (CAQC) seal. CAQC training materials are reviewed by industry experts, cover all exam objectives, integrate instructional design principles as well as instructional reviews that help you judge your learning comprehension and readiness for the certification exam.
After completing this course, you will know how to:
·         Prepare a study plan for the CompTIA Network+ exam
·         Correctly use fundamental network terminology, describe common network models, and apply an effective troubleshooting methodology
·         Identify physical network technologies, including common components and their functions, cables, connectors, and Ethernet standards
·         Read IP addresses, explain common TCP/IP protocols, and use TCP/IP troubleshooting utilities
·         Recognize the differences between switches and routers, including their functions on the network, common features, and control protocols
·         Identify technologies used for consumer internet connections as well as for global WAN infrastructure
·         Explain the principles common to wireless networks, as well as the specific features and standards used by 802.11 Wi-Fi and Internet of Things technologies
·         Recognize the principles of cybersecurity, including common threats, security controls, and transport encryption protocols
·         Secure a network by placing network security components, using central authentication systems, and hardening your network on multiple levels
·         Describe the evolving use of networks, such as use of IP networks for voice, industrial, and storage technologies, or network-based virtualization and cloud solutions
·         Monitor and optimize traffic on diverse high-performance networks, including fault tolerance, disaster recovery, and incident response procedures
·         Plan, install, maintain, and upgrade a network using a consistent methodology and secure organizational policies

Exam voucher (N10-007) and books are included (over a $350 value!).
5286    CRTPG 162    4/30-5/26    MW 6-9PM and S 8AM-12PM   $2395
Spokane Falls Community College, Bldg 18, Rm 127B
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