Protecting yourself from identity theft

Securing your mail and destroying private records and statements are two primary means of reducing the risk of identity theft. In addition, don't leave a "paper trail" -- be sure to take credit and debit card and ATM receipts with you.

Other tips:
  • Keep your Social Security Card in a secure place.
  • Be vigilant about home and work computer security.
  • Don't share personal or financial information over the telephone or computer. Using the telephone number provided on a statement or report, you can always check with a company's customer service department to see if such requests are legitimate.
  • Simplify your life! Get off or telemarketers' lists by registering with the national Do Not Call Registry -- 1-888-382-1222 or -- and reduce credit card solicitations by calling 888-5-OPT OUT or
  • Review monthly credit card and bank reports carefully and check your credit report annually.