Chapter 2 – Human Resources

2.30.05 Workplace Safety

Community Colleges of Spokane is committed to the health and safety of its faculty and staff, and in maintaining a safe and efficient workplace that complies with all local, state and federal safety and health regulations, programmatic standards, and with any special safety concerns identified at the unit level. Every person in the organization shall be assigned the responsibility for both individual and organizational safety.

Failure to follow safety and health guidelines or any conduct that places the employee, other employees, students or members of the public at risk may be cause for disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

[Adopted 06/21/05; effective 07/01/05]

2.30.05 Administrative Procedures

  1. Suspended Operations
    1. Compensation Management During Period of Suspended Operations
  2. Behavior Intervention Teams
  3. Mandatory Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect
  4. Chemical Hygiene for Laboratory Setting 
  5. Confined Space Entry
  6. Building Evacuation Planning & Signage 
  7. Hazard Communication Program
  8. Hearing Conservation
  9. Lockout/Tagout
  10. Reporting Medical Emergencies,  Accidents and Work Related Injuries
  11. Respiratory Protection
  12. Reserved
  13. Sex Offender Admission/Employment
  14. Children in the Workplace
    1. F.A.Q. Children in the Workplace Procedure 
  15. Reserved 
  16. Driver's Safety Training
  17. Key Control 
    1. Key Check Out Form
  18. Emergency Communications
  19. Employee Uniforms and Work Clothes