Chapter 4 – Instruction

4.70.01 International Programs

The flow of students and scholars across cultural, geographic, and national borders is a fundamental component of the educational mission of Community Colleges of Spokane. In that regard, international educational programs within this district are to be implemented in a manner to ensure quality and efficiency. The enrollment of international students for any academic year should not exceed an average of ten (10) percent of the total budgeted annual full-time equivalent (FTE) students for that year within the district. International programs at the colleges are to be complementary and supportive of each other and noncompetitive and avoid unnecessary duplication. International programs in the district shall be coordinated on a district-wide basis.

[Adopted 04/20/99; Amended 10/18/05; effective 01/01/06; Amended 10/15/13]

4.70.01 Administrative Procedures

  1. International Programs
  2. Study Abroad Program