Chapter 6 – Facilities and Sites

6.10.04 Employee Use of Facilities and Equipment

(1) The use of district facilities or equipment by district employees for district related work shall normally occur during approved operational hours. Any district facility or equipment used outside the normal operational hours for district related work must be approved by an appropriate administrator. Such use shall comply with the state ethics law, chapter 42.52 RCW, rules and advisory opinions of the state Executive Ethics Board, and district rules, policies and procedures.

(2) Use of facilities and equipment outside the employee's normal work area may be permitted with the approval of the appropriate administrator provided that such employee has demonstrated satisfactory familiarity with the operation and safety features of the equipment and further that such use is in accordance with subsection (1).

[Adopted 04/19/73, Amended 09/20/78; Amended 04/14/87, Amended 09/26/95; Amended 09/20/05; effective 01/01/06]

6.10.04 Administrative Procedures