Chapter 1 – Governance and Organization

1.50.02 Central Administration
1.    The Chancellor shall be the chief executive officer of the district, and shall be responsible for the administration of the district in its entirety and shall represent the Board of Trustees with such powers and duties as may be delegated from time to time.
2.    The central administration shall be a distinct entity, and as such, shall be located in facilities which reflect this distinction.
3.    The central administration, under the direction of the Chancellor, shall be responsible for planning, management and evaluation of all district operations and in addition, shall provide such support services as may be necessary to effect the efficient administration of the district. As such, the central administration shall:
a.    Oversee the administration of all district operations;
b.    Conduct all financial affairs, including fiscal reports, accounting, budgets, purchasing, payroll, cashiering and retail sales.
c.    Conduct all personnel actions, including employee records, staff employment and termination procedures, affirmative action procedures, grievance procedures and employee benefits.
d.    Maintain a public information and communications program, including informational services and publications.
e.    Provide information processing and computer services, including coordination of all computer and communications systems, the acquisition of equipment and staff training.
f.     Operate and maintain all physical facilities, including the formulation of maintenance and operation and capital budgets, operation and maintenance of vehicles and the establishment of safety programs;
g.    Provide management information reports, including all regular and special agency reports;
h.    Provide a continuous external development program, including cooperating with the college foundation, seeking private and public grants and individual gifts for the benefit of the district;
i.     Conduct a strategic long range planning program, including the formulation of goals and objections;
j.     Provide for all instructional program coordination and direction, including the approval of all new programs or courses and substantive program or course changes, deletions or additions;
k.    Maintain an institutional research program;
l.     Coordinate district student services program, including college recruitment and outreach, intramural and special athletic and recreation programs and a comprehensive athletic program;
m. Maintain a continuous program evaluation system;
n.    Develop and implement all district administrative procedures;
o.    Provide all grant and contract services, including the development and negotiation of all grants and service contracts to provide instruction, research or development programs.
p.    Provide a record and forms management system for the district;
q.    Provide other administrative services and counsel from time to time as may be necessary.
4.    The chief financial officer (CFO), also identified as district treasurer in RCW 28B.50.142, shall make regular financial reports to the Board of Trustees. The CFO shall include in the reports key indicators of the financial status of the district and its operating units, such indicators to be recommended by the CFO, and followed over time. The CFO shall bring to the attention of the board all financial matters that in the professional judgment of the CFO may significantly impact the financial stability of the district or its operating units.
[Adopted 05/19/74; Amended 09/20/78; Amended 09/13/83; Amended 01/15/02; Amended 04/19/05; effective 01/01/06; Amended 10/15/13]

1.50.02 Administrative Procedures

  1. Public Records Requests
  2. Records Management
  3. E-mail Retention 
  4. Processing Grants
  5. Processing Contracts
  6. Evidence Preservation & Electronic Discovery