Tech Prep: important dates and deadlines
Important dates to keep in mind

Sep 1 – Oct 31

·         Last chance to submit renewal request for expired articulations to be effective in the current academic year

·         Teacher verification of class assignments.  Teaching assignments not verified will not be activated in SERS

·         Articulation spreadsheet sent to high schools showing current articulations, teaching assignments, and expiration/renewal dates for current academic year that should be renewed no later than April 15 to be effective the following fall semester.

Nov 1

·         Student registration window opens in SERS


·         First trimester and first semester grades entered by teachers – due Feb 8.  The grading window will remain open until the end of the year.

January 1 – April 15

·         Signed registration sheets to TP office – due Feb 8

·         CTE directors and/or teachers prepare paperwork for renewal of expiring articulations

·         Submit renewal requests for articulations expiring June 30 to be effective the following fall

·         Submit requests for new class articulations to be effective the following fall

·         Notify Tech Prep office of articulations that need to be discontinued

May 1 – June 14

·         Student Registration Closes – May 15

·         Teachers submit grades and verify class rosters are clear before leaving for summer break

·         CTE directors follow-up with teachers to make sure class rosters are clear before summer break

·         Signed registration sheets to Tech Prep Office

July – August

·         CCS pulls grades and credits transcripts

Contact Information

Tech Prep Director, MS 1002
Community Colleges of Spokane
PO Box 6000
Spokane WA  99217
Gail Ferrell, Dual Credit Coordinator:  (509) 434-5164