Chapter 6 – Facilities and Sites

6.20.01 Naming of District Facilities

The Board of Trustees will consider from time to time the naming of new or existing buildings or portions contained therein in honor of some persons who have contributed significantly to the Community Colleges of Spokane. It is the intent of the board that such naming conveys the highest honor and is reserved for those who have made extraordinary contributions to the Community Colleges of Spokane through personal service or financial support.

No facility may be named for any individual who is currently serving on the board of trustees or employed by the district. In addition, any individual so chosen to be honored pursuant to this policy shall satisfy at least one of the following criteria: (A) a former member of the Board of Trustees; (B) a former employee who has made an outstanding contribution to the Community Colleges of Spokane, or (C) a citizen who has made a substantial monetary or personal service contribution to the district.

Naming buildings and other facilities in honor of persons is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees. Naming of buildings and rooms shall conform with administrative procedures of the Chancellor.

[Adopted 09/20/05; effective 01/01/06; formerly 1.71.01; Amended 10/15/13]

6.20.01 Administrative Procedures