Chapter 2 – Human Resources

2.40.01 Leave Administration

Community Colleges of Spokane, aware of its obligations under the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993, chapters 357-31 and 296-130 WAC, and all related chapters of the Revised Code of Washington, will provide and administer a program for employee leaves of absence. This program will serve both the well-being of CCS’ employees and the organization as a whole. Leaves will be administrated in good faith, consistent with the rights and responsibilities provided for by law and in collective bargaining agreements, including those responsibilities placed upon the employee to provide the notice and information necessary for the district to effectively direct its workforce and serve the best interest of students.

[Adopted 11/15/73; Amended 09/20/79; Amended 06/17/86; Amended 06/21/05; effective 07/01/05]

2.40.01 Administrative Procedures

  1. Family Medical Leave Act & Return to Work
  2. General Leave Administration
  3. Exempt & Administrative Employee Leave Administration
  4. Educational Leave for Exempt, Administrator & Non-Represented Classified