Chapter 5 – Business and Finance

5.30.01 Travel

CCS shall have an effective system for the management and control of travel related costs to ensure that travel related costs are directly related to CCS business; obtained at the most economical price; and critical and necessary for CCS business.

[Adopted 11/15/05; effective 01/01/06]

5.30.01 Administrative Procedures  

  1. Travel Approval
  2. Travel Arrangements
  3. Group Travel
  4. Registration & Membership Fees
  5. Registration for CCS Non-Credit Course, Workshop or Conference
  6. Travel Advance
  7. Travel Reimbursement
  8. Vicinity Travel
  9. State Owned Vehicles
  10. Privately Owned Aircraft
  11. Conferences, Meetings, Retreats & Formal Training Sessions
  12. Coffee and/or Light Refreshments / Meals at Meetings
  13. Board of Trustee Payments
  14. Candidate Travel Expenses