Chapter 2 – Human Resources

2.10.01 Designation of Appointing Authority

The Board of Trustees shall appoint a President of the District whose title will be Chancellor. The Chancellor is delegated appointing authority and is authorized by the Board of Trustees, without prior approval of the Board, to make appointments of the college presidents and positions within the District Office.

The college presidents are delegated appointing authority and as such are authorized by the Board of Trustees, in consultation with the Chancellor, to make appointments to positions within his or her respective college/institute.

[Adopted 11/16/72; Amended 09/20/78; Amended 11/21/95; Amended 02/19/02; Amended 07/15/03; Amended 06/21/05; effective 07/01/05; Amended 10/15/13]

2.10.01 Administrative Procedures 

  1.  Appointing Authority and Disciplinary Action