Chapter 1 – Governance and Organization

1.30.05 Agenda

The format of the agenda governing all regular meetings of the Board of Trustees shall be determined by the secretary and reviewed by the board from time to time. The specific content and order of the agenda for each regular meeting shall be determined by the secretary in consultation with the chairperson of the board.

The order of the agenda may be changed by the chairperson with the consent of the board members present.

All matters to be considered as agenda items by the board shall be submitted to the secretary by the first Wednesday of the month prior to any regular meeting of the board. Only matters which are included on the agenda shall be voted on at any given meeting unless the agenda is amended by a two-thirds majority of the membership (four members) of the board; provided that such a vote conforms with the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 42.30 RCW and the Administrative Procedure Act, Chapter 34.05 RCW.

[Adopted 4/19/05; effective 1/1/06; formerly 1.30.01(5); Amended 10/15/13]

1.30.05 Administrative Procedures